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The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.0 – Pop Quiz

“I see that the test went swimmingly.” Thornton’s corny dad joke landed dully in the comm tent. He ignored the silence and our high-res grimaces. “If these coordinates are to be believed you boys are less than a month’s trek from your destination.” We…

The Unfamiliar (Poem)

What are you? O you distant light… What’s this difference with which you… Tantalize my sight? Is it true, What they say about the might? That it’s blue. Blue like indecision peering over a great height? The sort of hue, that doesn’t assert right….

The Best Thing about Writing

The best thing about writing is you can get better at it by doing other things. I spent a good portion of the day learning JS and practicing guitar. As I was making a salad just now the thought occurred to me that I…

Fatalism (Poem)

A coupla more songs And its time to die Same old fatalism Somethin like two wrongs Don’t make a try Raindrop prism Filters Same old fatalism Call it pessimism Heavy hitters Put on those tracks Follow the rails Again and A coupla more songs…

What I Mean (Poem)

You’re harshin my mellow baby I don’t feel your vibe You’re always maybe That just ain’t my tribe Well so If you don’t dig it You can go I ain’t gotta fit This ain’t no show Why There’s no reason That you can’t try…

Saturday Morning Jam

This Saturday morning has me thrilled with possibilities. So i tried to capture that in a little jam session on guitar. Email | Minds | SubscribeStar | (Under Construction)

Friday Rain (Guitar and Violin)

Everything is mighty green. Production Tools FOSS! Ardour Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Mic that came in the kit) CAD MH210 Headphones Kdenlive LINUX MINT! Email | Minds | SubscribeStar | (Under Construction)