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Alfred Devereux – 12,000 foot Gator

Courtesy of my broken AC, Elijah Craig, and this sick jam:

Fence Sitting is Not the Moral High Ground

Just because discourse gets messy and our opinions might not have much clout doesn’t mean we should shy away from actively seeking to understand everything we can. A response prompted by this video:

New Driver in the Hub!

Looks like I’m bout to be replaced ya’ll.

Nerdy Ramble – Multiple Fail Points and the Glory of Analog

I’m goin amish. Music Liscence Thing: ASLC-11F7152F-EA3E1A5574

Be Kind

Weird music breaks The vases On the lakes Sun glazes Onward   Outside Then If we could levy and ensure Pictures won’t matter any more Pity perfectly ejects Weird music Mindless architects Not without Mind you Not without Mind out of mind Please do… Continue Reading “Be Kind”

Is It The Medium?

Do you find yourself hating everything the web (read Podcasts/YouTube) has to offer? i hunger (for topshelf liquor – 1st world problems are still problems!) –


I’m not real. That’s so true. That it’s a lie. Which way would the wind blow. If I. Don’t even ask me. You know what. Foxes don’t need forms. Chase a sunbeam. The cold ground is granular. Dirty globes are solipsistic. They stand alone.… Continue Reading “Outfoxed”

Dust Span – Questions for Ockham

I live behind dirty walls. My knees ache. The nervous shake of the right leg is automatic. Probably to counter the ache in the left shoulder…blade. For balance. What is complete? What is complex? What is control? Comfort: The answer is not a question.… Continue Reading “Dust Span – Questions for Ockham”

Plinth – A Night Drive Story – Creepypasta Original

Hey, everybody sorry for the huge lag in uploads. Life is life as the Laibach song goes. My schedule is all topsy turvy, night is day, day is night, and I’m still in a bloody hotel. Whinging aside I’m rather happy to bring you… Continue Reading “Plinth – A Night Drive Story – Creepypasta Original”

Plinth – A Night Drive Story

He could feel every bump. Every bit of asphalt conducted via tire and frame as the rickety Honda plunged through the inky dark. He regretted the decision to take the backroads. Though in all honesty, it was more necessity than decision. The freeway required… Continue Reading “Plinth – A Night Drive Story”