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The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.9 – The Arch-Druid

The satellite view was deceptive. Google maps reveals an impressive looking patchwork of highways in the Mato Grosso and all throughout Brazil. Labeled with such bureaucratically soporific appellations as MT 101. Yet, these thin lines stretching like gossamer serpents to overgrown pioneer towns were… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.9 – The Arch-Druid”

Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Science vs Politics (Case Study)

This little episode was prompted when one of my favorite pundits, Jimmy Dore, discussed the plans of some fisherman to sue oil companies for causing global warming. Which said fisherman implicate in their troubles catching fish. I point out that nitrification from agriculture and… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Science vs Politics (Case Study)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.8 – Babylon Ex-Nihilo?

Ah, the rain…it was after all a rain-forest. Though we were careful to embark during a season that was dry relatively speaking…the problem was that we were speaking relatively. We were coping… swimmingly. That is we were in essence swimming. Though everything was waterproofed… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.8 – Babylon Ex-Nihilo?”

Fractal Briefs| Losing DeWitts

  And after having mangled, and torn, and completely stripped the two brothers, the mob dragged their naked and bloody bodies to an extemporised gibbet, where amateur executioners hung them up by the feet. Then came the most dastardly scoundrels of all, who not… Continue Reading “Fractal Briefs| Losing DeWitts”

The Good Times get Better – Local Eats – Julia’s German Stammtisch

Hungry? Those unfamiliar with the Journal may wonder why a Russian with a Scottish surname has such a weird kink for Germany. Well, there’s Bach..and then there’s Schnitzel…! A good friend  of mine finally reopened the Stammtisch he owns and operates with his mother.… Continue Reading “The Good Times get Better – Local Eats – Julia’s German Stammtisch”

O Francis – (Poem)

The cherries that you bought at the super market Were almost as sweet as the fleet way that you share a cigarette In smoky whispers that decay regret O and never will I never will I cry From this moment on There is only… Continue Reading “O Francis – (Poem)”

Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Dusty Pens and Blank Pages

  Don’t rely on technology to overcome your laziness. A nicer pen and notebook will gather dust just the same as your BIC and that yellow legal pad. These are the things I discuss along with the frustration of coincidences involving hats. Dank Classics… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Dusty Pens and Blank Pages”

Spooky Procrastination – Strange dream at age Nineteen

Permit me to indulge in exercise. I am coming to work on my main projects in a graduated fashion. I’ve always had to do a sort of calculus…where I approach the zero of the actual work. To zero in on the actual work I… Continue Reading “Spooky Procrastination – Strange dream at age Nineteen”

Welcome to America (Vlog)

A Russian, Ukro-Pollak, with a Scottish surname launches into a brief discussion of multiculturalism, Global Warming, and more. Social Media | Tipjar |

Quasi-Philosophical Waffling ~ War and Healthcare (Vlog)

People seem to defend and attack vague notions rather than discuss the merits of policies. I take a jab at the problem. Alright I mention the problem. Perhaps the jab will come soon. Check out my website for free stories, lotsa ideas, poems, and… Continue Reading “Quasi-Philosophical Waffling ~ War and Healthcare (Vlog)”