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You Never Go Full Moustache (Vlog)

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So I had a cigar… (Vlog)

When even the establishment pines for the 80’s. Call Me An Idiot Here Or Here Support This Here Or With PayPal

Why So Many Remakes? (Vlog)

When investors want a sure thing and artists no longer have a strong cultural foundation originality dies. Subscribe To My Music/Freeflow channel here: Alex Weir Youtube Call me an idiot here: Or here: Support This Here Or Via Paypal

Were 90’s Movies Better and… (Vlog)

 …if so why? Just a bit of impromptu musing on how shifts in information processing (internet skim/deep reading etc) may be why movies from prior decades seem better. (I know that Castaway was made in 2000) This is from my music/informal channel. Please subscribe…

Rhetoric vs Reality – My Media Philosophy (Vlog)

I’m basically shadowboxing Steven Crowder to make my points about public discourse. Please take my points with a grain of salt and watch Steven’s videos to form your own opinion. Not trying to be patronizing by stating the obvious. I just want it understood…

The Nobody’s Brigade (Poem)

The Nobody’s Brigade They’re stunning and they’re brave The Nobody’s Brigade They’ve got a soul to save The Nobody’s Brigade Are rounding the corner The Nobody’s Brigade Our freshest owner The Nobody’s Brigade They’ve bought but haven’t paid The Nobody’s Brigade Is how somebody’s…

Is Hypocrite an Ad Hominem?

Geeking out over faulty reasoning. I encourage comments and discussions. – The Vidja to which I doth REEact –   Email | Minds | SubscribeStar | (Under Construction)