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Save the Whale Children from Deforestation!

This is why we can’t have nice things. And yes Boomers us men are perfectly capable of taking care of our own damned dishes. My hipster exes however could not. And I blame you! Questions, Kvetches, etc |

Fractal Briefs | New Year Icebreaker Vlog (2019)

Le Description I open an item I ordered in a camp hat.   Le Contact

Fractal Foo! – Chesapeake Blues – Nitrogen the new CO2

    A bit of a rant I threw together while in one of my sourer moods. The subject is algal blooms and their effects on fisheries. Triggered in part by Jimmy Dore’s coverage of west coast fisherman suing energy companies for AGW. But… Continue Reading “Fractal Foo! – Chesapeake Blues – Nitrogen the new CO2”

Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Science vs Politics (Case Study)

This little episode was prompted when one of my favorite pundits, Jimmy Dore, discussed the plans of some fisherman to sue oil companies for causing global warming. Which said fisherman implicate in their troubles catching fish. I point out that nitrification from agriculture and… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Science vs Politics (Case Study)”

Quasi-Philosophical Waffling ~ War and Healthcare (Vlog)

People seem to defend and attack vague notions rather than discuss the merits of policies. I take a jab at the problem. Alright I mention the problem. Perhaps the jab will come soon. Check out my website for free stories, lotsa ideas, poems, and… Continue Reading “Quasi-Philosophical Waffling ~ War and Healthcare (Vlog)”

Fractal Radio | Episode 25 – Carolina Weather, Death in New Jersey, and Nukes (O My)

Decided to dispense with the mic due to current hardware limitations making rendering an hours long nightmare. Topics – Weather – – Water – – Geetha Angara Death – – Trump’s withdrawal from Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia – – Tech Addiction – –… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 25 – Carolina Weather, Death in New Jersey, and Nukes (O My)”

Fractal Radio| Episode 18 – Legacy Pollutants Ramble

I ramble about odds and ends and the ongoing importance of raising environmental awareness. I cringe a tad writing that due to the baggage attached to ‘environmental awareness.’ It’s an unfair stigma that really detracts from a pretty sound idea. Taking care of our… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 18 – Legacy Pollutants Ramble”

Fractal Radio| Episode 4 – Sustainable Bags

  In this episode… 1) Fiddling 2) Virtue Signaling 3) Virtual Water and E-guilt 4) Why is it so satisfying to create art, music, prose, code, furniture whatever… 5) Strategies for maintaining creativity 6) The New Yorker Cover Art 6) The plight of native… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 4 – Sustainable Bags”

Water – The Case for Stewardship (Vlog)

  Yet another rough draft towards a more professional coverage of the state of water as a resource. Sources and Further Reading  • • •

The Dammed – Water, Beer, and not much Cheer (Vlog)

There’s so much ado with water that I’m having a hard time keeping up. One of the things is social impact which I discuss briefly in this vlog. For more information check out Jacques Leslie’s excellent book: