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Process Ramble + Why Care About Water (Vlog)

Just a quickie vlog on satisfaction, the creative process, and trying to find a succinct way to frame the importance of a critical topic. Check out the Fractal Journal: For stories, webcomics, essays, and more. New uploads on TFJ every Tuesday and Thursday… Continue Reading “Process Ramble + Why Care About Water (Vlog)”

TFJ Vlogs – Return to the Parlor

Brief talk on methods to stay put when you need to, hidden costs, and the need to revive parlor culture. As we automate and populate we are going to need art and culture more and more and more…  

TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone

In this TFJ Vlog, you will find a discussion of the need to develop physical and metaphysical stamina. Public discourse and effective inquiry require strength and character. Both of these are inextricably tied and I give some quirky examples of how to attain them.… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone”

Typical (Poem)

Opened a book today A million men died in its pages A million widows wept, what can I say A typical account of typical ages A great river had promise To make the land rich They must never miss The chance to satisfy that… Continue Reading “Typical (Poem)”

Book Review: Consilience – The Unity of Knowledge (E.O. Wilson)

‘Such, I believe, is the source of the Ionian Enchantment: Preferring a search for objective reality over revelations is another way of satisfying religious hunger. It is an endeavor almost as old as civilization and intertwined with traditional religion, but it follows a very… Continue Reading “Book Review: Consilience – The Unity of Knowledge (E.O. Wilson)”

Retro and the Crow

What’s the point then? A computer, a technology, should never be a tether. It should be a tool to enhance knowledge, productivity, and pleasure. To use a tool properly, one must learn to get by, to get about one’s business without it. That’s why,… Continue Reading “Retro and the Crow”

The Watering Hole (Vlog)

I’m coming at this from a ‘psychological’ angle. This differs from most people’s usual take on our tendency to not look beyond grocery store shelves because I’m not promoting or contesting ‘organic’ claims. This is just a bit of informal speculation on unseen effects… Continue Reading “The Watering Hole (Vlog)”

Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits (Chapter One – Intro)

Chapter One – State of the Universe?  Has Thales been vindicated? Perhaps this thought is owed merely to my own meager apprehension of physics but perhaps not. In recent times scientists have attempted to resolve two major models of the universe by proposing that… Continue Reading “Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits (Chapter One – Intro)”

TAP # 10 – Genussiness – Violin Yoga and Death

Don’t you dare skip my soulful karaoke session! Did you see that smug look! I thought I was being scholarly. There’s no such word as Genossischkheit as per my web query. Nonetheless I take poetic license and dub this Genussiness which is a word… Continue Reading “TAP # 10 – Genussiness – Violin Yoga and Death”

Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits

This is an updated version of a draft for the introduction to my upcoming book: Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits. © (Originally titled: ‘It Moves You Know’) I consider it copyrighted, as I plan to publish it, or a version… Continue Reading “Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits”