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But muh ISM! (Vlog)

  No ideology is a panacea. A very early morning vlog about the limits of capitalism and the creeping effect that the dark side of profit motive has on science and the humanities.

Save the Whale Children from Deforestation!

This is why we can’t have nice things. And yes Boomers us men are perfectly capable of taking care of our own damned dishes. My hipster exes however could not. And I blame you! Questions, Kvetches, etc |

Fractal Briefs | New Year Icebreaker Vlog (2019)

Le Description I open an item I ordered in a camp hat.   Le Contact

Principle and Profit

The economic landscape has shifted dramatically. That is what we are told. It certainly seems to be true. I have my reservations but that’s beside the point. The validity of that statement isn’t the focus of this here essay. No. What seems of utmost…

Fractal Briefs | It’s ok to wear a tie

It’s ok to be a man. It’s ok to have self respect. It’s ok to have dignity. It’s okay to not dress like you shop at GAP kids. Free Fiction Series, Essays, and more | Social Media | Email | Tipjar…

McNamara talks…

In 1995…and no one listened….and they keep playing dominos…   This is why I drink….

Some thoughts on Meritocracy

O dear, it seems it’s time for some conceptual play…. Apparently these days the scouts aren’t the only people obsessed with merit. There’s a whole phalanx of YouTube luminaries and pundits waxing poetic about the merits of meritocracy. I’m rather confused by this term…