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Is there really any reason for it? Are there any less raw resources? Any less technique with which to harness them? Any serious collapse in enforceable contracts? Why then does it collapse? Its corpse choking the destitute and enriching the powerful. What bizzare miseries…

American Dominance Explained (Vlog)

Why America is the greatest nation on Earth. Truth delivered by an unbiased immigrant. Fuck yea. Call Me An Idiot Here Or Here Support This Here Or With PayPal

Solipsism (Poem)

I get tired of explaining myself To myself By myself In a neverending plot Of funhouse mirrors The you in me Is I You see The more I try To look outside I observe myself walk by There is nowhere to hide From this…

Reactionary (Poem)

Reacting It’s because God’s redacting The impulses laws The breathe of life Can’t be seen Neither willed with pentacle or even the knife Search with your microscope for how all this has been Seek with the telescope Reach for the source Till the point…

Bad Karaoke (Vlog)

The meaning of life – explained. Call Me An Idiot Here Or Here Support This Here Or With PayPal

Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels

So, I was sat here drinking wine and trying my utmost to bang out some fiction and suddenly remembered the smell of a book. Then I recalled the smell of the resteraunt where I’d sat reading that book. Then I remembered the book itself….

Fractal Flashes – ‘The End’

There’s a YouTube video sitting in my subscription feed. A video with the disconcerting title of: “Our Moral and Cultural CRISIS of Purpose Will Be America’s End.” O dear. As much as I like Tim Pool, and as much as my wry, post-regime, immigrant,…