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Quartz (Poem)

I’m waiting by myself Waiting on the shelf Listening Listing All of my days All that’s held my gaze Watching Waiting I’m waiting by myself Waiting on the shelf Reading All the books you wrote I hope you take note As I’m waiting by… Continue Reading “Quartz (Poem)”

Samarkand – Poem

The mezzanine A half step lean Out of summerland Cold hand Chilled by Dry water Thrilled to fly From cradle to slaughter Adapt to The new blue Amidst the stair Half lidded Between fraying hair What’s needed Is precious peace Is precipice A half… Continue Reading “Samarkand – Poem”

Tidy (Poem)

So clean and so neat Doesn’t it just insist That there is a steady beat That things persist But the static on the screen Seems less uncanny Than what is plainly seen All or any Tidy On the shelf Tides are never tidy You’re… Continue Reading “Tidy (Poem)”

Cheap Perfume (Poem)

Barely breathin Through the incense That’s hidin The cigarettes And the mysteries of the Orient Are just histories Wrapped and bent Dropping into ashtrays Just behind the whiskey glass Rouding days Up with tallies made of grass You’re dirt My dirty cheap perfume And… Continue Reading “Cheap Perfume (Poem)”

Invoking Apollo (Poem)

O you somber There in myriad ringing notes O Cast forth from Crete As the eleventh hour floats Abdicate mere merriment Be fleet In bending sail with wind of sacrament Angel of weeping Mourn now Dionysus as his blossom wilts Raise your crown and… Continue Reading “Invoking Apollo (Poem)”

Rings – The Meditations of a Mortal

You. You there. Yes, you with the hair so like the leaves that autumn brings. Do you know why fall is my favorite season? It is not just the hint of chill in the air. It is because rings are made. Yes. I love… Continue Reading “Rings – The Meditations of a Mortal”

Rapt (Poem)

There upon the minute hangs a phrase Summit of salvation Dares a finger raise Cardinal point Full of form beyond dimension Honey fountain angel lips annoint Beside the aeon In musty hall Shining ray dispels the Eidolon No more in thrall Dancing now Through… Continue Reading “Rapt (Poem)”

Where the Lillies Lie (Poem)

Roll forth now and down the way Through the depressions go among lillies lay There you’ll find the sunshine in strange pockets There in atmosphere too rarefied for rockets For far beyond the sun there is All that is a whispered breeze Yes to… Continue Reading “Where the Lillies Lie (Poem)”

Collapse (SongPoem)

i was waitin i was wishin for the floor to fall out from under me i was waiting yea waitin just so as i could see the pitch black sky and the the brilliant stars come to swallow me o girl o honey girl… Continue Reading “Collapse (SongPoem)”

Ist (Poem)

Ranging through the mist The mountains and the valleys twist As if flicked by capricious wrist Who had only time to get the gist Is there really any way to list That to try to play the scientist Will result in deeper mist