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National Small Man Complex – Romania

  Wow, the surprising factoid about Putin’s capitulation to Islam had me hungry to learn more unexpected facts about my country of origin! Unfortunately, Romanian edge-lord ‘Freedom Alternative’ failed to deliver. I’ve come away from round two of his ‘Russia is Not Great’ miniseries…even… Continue Reading “National Small Man Complex – Romania”

TFS 46 – Tunnels Beneath National Parks and Georgian Fears

There’s some pretty weird stuff going on in our national parks and one commentator suggested something chilling. Also, I had a long day reading and listening to the various criticisms of Russia that have been sent my way. This is just a preliminary toe-dip… Continue Reading “TFS 46 – Tunnels Beneath National Parks and Georgian Fears”

TFS 45 – Eastern Europe, My Politics, Bob Lazar Body Language, and Funny Hats

Ok, so first the lineup:  0 – 8 min : The why and how of my interest in Eastern European politics. With some discussion of my strict originalist Constitutionalism. Why global tensions are a threat to that position etc. 8 – 9:12 min :… Continue Reading “TFS 45 – Eastern Europe, My Politics, Bob Lazar Body Language, and Funny Hats”

Romania TVee and Eastern European SJWs – A Study in Whinge

The Whinge: “In georgia we had anty communist, anty russian goverment in 2003-2012. they remooved EVERY communist celebration day, to destroy affiliation with kremlin culture. They also reformed 1-5 note systems in scool. Even changed amount of classes in scools. It sounds weird, but… Continue Reading “Romania TVee and Eastern European SJWs – A Study in Whinge”

Putin Hatred

Left: Wenher Von Braun – American | Right: Nazi Scum Every once in a while I stumble across some comment calling Putin a: “KGB Thug!”.  Today, a thought I feel worth sharing occurred to me as I once again stumbled across this fragrantly ‘woke’… Continue Reading “Putin Hatred”

Boogey Men

One of my favorite authors decided to troll his readership with a half-truth: men are evil. Here’s the link: Since, I got my ass handed to me at UPS today and didn’t wake up till four fucking PM here’s some thoughts that I… Continue Reading “Boogey Men”

TFS 35 – Cumia on Media, “Strange Activities”, and Rambles

Stuff discussed in order of appearance: News Weasels with Books: Muh Russiagate: I think there’s a bit about Scottish history but I can’t track it down.

Top Brass Magic

So, apparently I’m only suceptible to Corona when top brass is milling about. Scientific curiosities abound.

Wanna info binge sum moar?

Ugh, it’s gonna be another chore laden day. While, I really think homeownership is one of the keys to liberty it’s also a huge pain in the ass. Especially as concerns labyrinthine beauracratic horrors associated therewith. In the interest of not going into another… Continue Reading “Wanna info binge sum moar?”

To Mask or Not to Mask?

The CDC has gone schizo and now I’m wearing a surgical petri dish on my facehole. Here’s an article on the mask debate: First, the CDC said save masks for medical personel then on April 3rd Trump wanted us to gimp up Bane… Continue Reading “To Mask or Not to Mask?”