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But muh ISM! (Vlog)

  No ideology is a panacea. A very early morning vlog about the limits of capitalism and the creeping effect that the dark side of profit motive has on science and the humanities.

Fractal Briefs | Environmental Constitution?

I meander a bit round the issue of effective environmentalism. Should we have something like an environmental constitution? The music is free domain as far as I know. It came from The Internet Archive and is mostly if not entirely by a guy named…

Save the Whale Children from Deforestation!

This is why we can’t have nice things. And yes Boomers us men are perfectly capable of taking care of our own damned dishes. My hipster exes however could not. And I blame you! Questions, Kvetches, etc |

Fractal Radio | Episode 31 – Patreon bans Gimli and a bit of a ramble besides

  Topics – Patreon bans Sargon of Akkad – Loss of patrons ripples outward to unpolitical creators – Simple pleasures – The importance of prioritizing spending – Why creators shouldn’t be ashamed of trying to monetize their work – Accreditation vs. Education and Creative…

Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Dusty Pens and Blank Pages

  Don’t rely on technology to overcome your laziness. A nicer pen and notebook will gather dust just the same as your BIC and that yellow legal pad. These are the things I discuss along with the frustration of coincidences involving hats. Dank Classics…

Crushing the Welsh rebellion!

  War is dumb.     Social Media | Tipjar |

Silence is Sterile

There’s a lot to be said for quality control. For doing our utmost to avoid lending support to something stupid or wicked. This noble inclination is however too often twisted into silence. Not a deep contemplative silence or even a sexy silence but good…