‘Murica Month| Speechcraft + 1776 (Vlog)

A brief vlog discussing the importance of skilled oratory for every citizen of a democratic republic. June is ‘Murica month on Mellow Mission Productions. I’ll be reading up on all things Locke, Washington, 1776, and Murica. Videos and essays are forthcoming.

|Reading List |

Washington, Webster, and Lincoln (Lake English Classics ~ Denney)

1776 ~ DavidMcCullough

The Constitution Two Treatises of Government ~ John Locke

Common Sense ~ Thomas Paine

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Linguistic Myopia | Art as Remedy (Vlog)

You can’t fix what you can’t describe…you can’t describe what you can’t see…A brief take on a problem I’ve been trying to pin down for years.

I propose that a lot of the depression, ennui, and disaffection is due to a poor descriptive capacity.

This was take five or so and I’m thinking of uploading the very first take where I give a bit more context (but also meandered a tad overlong.)

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Incels and the Stanford Experiment (Vlog)

Incel is just another ambiguous term like loser. Part of the reason people have trouble connecting is arbitrary spontaneously emerging social hierarchies. Schoolyard taunts only reinforce this.

This incel thing…is just that…a taunt, like the word nerd, that some have adopted as an antihero status, I have friends that didn’t have girlfriends till their late twenties. They were just normal guys who were kinda shy. They’re both married now.

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TFJ Vlogs – DOPE! – Stop Saying Dopamine…

One of the biggest problems in society is oversimplification. With better tech and more information we’re doing it more and quicker than ever before – with ‘sciencey’ words like ‘Dopamine.’

While Dopamine is a real neurotransmitter, the way that it’s implicated in absolutely everything is indicative of the trend of dangerous and annoying reductionist psychobabble.

The article referenced: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/women-who-stray/201701/no-dopamine-is-not-addictive