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TFS 27 – Stoics, Cynics, and Heroics

A cheeky romp through pungent fields of self important bullshit. Diagnosis: It’s a bargain bin replacement for religion. Le Articles De Discotheque  

TFS 26 – Space Colonization and Emotional Intelligence

Articles discussed:

TFS 25 – Down with the Man, Learning Style Myths, and Aquarius Underwater Laboratory

I kvetch about the bossman putting a squeeze on our hours, take a gander at an article exposing the myths of VARK, and explore the wondrous world of undersea science. Sources

TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living

  Note (I repeated a factoid from another YouTuber (CoffeeTalk) “bird flu has 98% or so survival rate) I was unable to confirm this via Google. All I got was survival rate of the virus strains in Korea not of people. I did find… Continue Reading “TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living”

TFS 20 – Garbage Language is Good, The Enlightenment is “Racist”, and I miss Opie

In this installment I look at some funny ideas from around the web and do a bit of babbling regarding O and A. Garbage Language is Good Article : Enlightenment is Racist…article:

TFS 19 – Plato the Hipster, Protagoras, and Russell’s Defense of the Sophists

There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

TFS 18 – Bernie is Russian Scum, Rise of the Eloi, and the Future of Work

  Topics in Order of Appearance (More or Less) Wired Magazine Sees Russians In Its Cornflakes My 2014 or so experience at a Navy Recruiting Office Garbage Language at Trendy Pseudowork Companies I Love This Molly Broad The Eloi are soCal and spreading The… Continue Reading “TFS 18 – Bernie is Russian Scum, Rise of the Eloi, and the Future of Work”

TFS – 17 – Poverty and Intelligence, Aldi’s Thrift, and Hippy Points

Environmental factors do indeed play a significant role in cognitive performance. At least according to the studies listed in this “The Correspondent” article. Wanna avoid getting intellectualy tongue-tied by your empty pockets. Shop at Aldi’s! 12 strings + DADGAD = 9000 + Hippy Points… Continue Reading “TFS – 17 – Poverty and Intelligence, Aldi’s Thrift, and Hippy Points”

TFS 14 – Yuppie Car Habits, Bugout Bags, and More

In this installment I ramble about status symbols, people’s goofy expectations of being badass loners survivng the end times on tins and grit, and the origin for the namesake of “The Fractal Journal.”

TFS 10 – Real Multiculturalism, Sleepy Aliens, and Manufacturing Consent

  Today we consider the scientist approved notion that Cthulhu may in fact be real and cyborg. (See links) I also play one of the 1.5 jigs I know to spice up the conversation I’ve wanted to have about real multiculturalism. The third major… Continue Reading “TFS 10 – Real Multiculturalism, Sleepy Aliens, and Manufacturing Consent”