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Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea

Rain pattered hynotically against the windsheild. Making it damned difficult to keep my eyes open. Somewhere a million miles away a voice informed me that the door was ajar. I hate getting out of bed. But she’d turned the shower on and now I… Continue Reading “Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea”

Jack was always last…

“There’s nothing out there,” I said stepping across decript floorboards. They creaked in protest. “Ok,” I responded. “I guess there’s some wheat in the field. Though it’s wilted.” The wind shuffled the flies on the brick windowsill. “What? You thought they were paper airplanes?”… Continue Reading “Jack was always last…”

Cheap Perfume (Poem)

Barely breathin Through the incense That’s hidin The cigarettes And the mysteries of the Orient Are just histories Wrapped and bent Dropping into ashtrays Just behind the whiskey glass Rouding days Up with tallies made of grass You’re dirt My dirty cheap perfume And… Continue Reading “Cheap Perfume (Poem)”

The Cottage – Chapter Thirty One – (Short Story)

There amongst the stones he lay again. And again he had no thought. And again he found it good. But now there was no fear. There was no apprehension. For he had reckoned the symmetries. The propitiations had been made. The ginseng laid. The… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Chapter Thirty One – (Short Story)”

Rings – The Meditations of a Mortal

You. You there. Yes, you with the hair so like the leaves that autumn brings. Do you know why fall is my favorite season? It is not just the hint of chill in the air. It is because rings are made. Yes. I love… Continue Reading “Rings – The Meditations of a Mortal”

The Duchess of York (Very Short Story)

The hill held many things. First there was the soil, then there was the grass, and the grass and the soil was broken in places by a profusion of roots. Roots that led to trees. Beneath one such tree, an oak to be precise,… Continue Reading “The Duchess of York (Very Short Story)”

Amthlynam (Short Story)

Notre Dame, Big Ben, the Sistene chapel. These are known marvels. But what of those that crumbled into dust? Centuries of soil at times wild with trees at times green with pasture shroud their memory. Alternating patchworks of increase and decline are the lily’s… Continue Reading “Amthlynam (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Chapter Thirty – (Short Story)

The cottage seemed even emptier than before. Luckadoo’s party had pressing matters across the pond. They did not tarry long. It was annoying. Everything was always open ended. Just left there laying vague and cryptic. It felt like trying to get a direct answer… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Chapter Thirty – (Short Story)”

Under Construction – Up Since Three

I sit staring at a hotel curtain. The pattern reminds me of birch trees. Beyond are some Loblolly pines and Carolina starlight. The room has that new plaster smell that reminds me of the apartment I stayed at while working at a fiberglass plant.… Continue Reading “Under Construction – Up Since Three”

The Cottage – Part Twenty Eight – (Short Story)

Jim was stuck again by the shift in atmosphere. With all these bodies luxuriating by the firelight it was indeed downright homey. The warmth was pleasant. But it was also naseuting. Jim did not trust these fine feelings. He did not want comradarie with… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Twenty Eight – (Short Story)”