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The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.6 – Elevenses

I didn’t have much reason to hang around the dawning of Atlantis. So I cleared my mind and rejoined the expedition. “Is it elevenses already?” Sam inquired. “Huh?” “What’s with the teaball man?” “Oh..uh..I just had forgotten I’d put it in my pocket.” “That’s… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.6 – Elevenses”

Strange Hours

The forest is full of embers. The humid evening hums as glowing insects flit round phosphorescent moss. My boots sink into clay setting the meter against which the owl hoots and the boar grunts. It is an ancient place the swamp. Primeval trees with… Continue Reading “Strange Hours”

Chipping Paint

Small southern towns that bake beneath a low hanging sun. If you’ve seen them all then you haven’t seen any. Did you ever sit under Magnolia blossoms, next to a jar of crickets, as your friend’s sister twirled on a tireswing. A tireswing that… Continue Reading “Chipping Paint”

French Words

“What’s the use of passion?” “That’s not my forte in the first place.” “Oh, I like that word forte…it sounds French.” “Probably.” “Do you know any more French words?” “Sure.” “Like what?” “Blasé.” “O that one’s nice. What’s it mean?” “It’s the face you’re… Continue Reading “French Words”

Delivery – Short Story

Band stickers, college parking passes, crumpled bits of fast food wrappers… ‘Good.’ I was relieved. “One more minute and I woulda left without you.” The driver joked. “It’s not as bad as it seems…by the looks of the cars…they’re just students…who probably rented the… Continue Reading “Delivery – Short Story”