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Bewildered Peasant

Pictures speak a thousand words. Here sits yer ‘umble narrator, beyond shattered and in an absolute state, a most candid moment captured by a friend. A moment that weaves a tale of three AM shifts and strips away the lie that industry is dead….

Hello World said the Ouija Machine

These machines are febrile hopes for marking the memory of our passing. The permanence of steel, the artificial sun of a liquid display, the durability of plastic. We dance our fingers in frantic spells over 21st century Ouija boards. We the dead write messages…

2012 Wine, New Laptop, Some Japan Trivia, and a Tune (Vlog)

  Odds and ends ranging from a discussion of a new bit of gear that has that old bit of Malware called Windows installed. Why I’m probably going to use it for at least a year despite the excellence of the Linux desktop environment….

Why Physical Copies Still Matter

GET A FILING CABINET…especially if you’re a hospital. (Repost of Swtiched to Linux Video) Sometimes other people say things really well. So I share. Switched to Linux Channel Link | CLICK IT! Call Me An Idiot Here Or Here Support This Here…

So I had a cigar… (Vlog)

When even the establishment pines for the 80’s. Call Me An Idiot Here Or Here Support This Here Or With PayPal

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.0 – Pop Quiz

“I see that the test went swimmingly.” Thornton’s corny dad joke landed dully in the comm tent. He ignored the silence and our high-res grimaces. “If these coordinates are to be believed you boys are less than a month’s trek from your destination.” We…

Is it Easier? (Vlog)

  There’s a difference between production and creativity. The tactile inspiration of a rotary phone, the subtle suggestions of mechanical motion, are these the origins of creativity. Was creativity easier for Blixa Bargeld in the 80’s? Or is creativity easier for all of us…