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Baby Tree Update – Vlog

Super brief vlog on what I found about the bareroot trees I planted. Email | Minds |

All Millenials are THOTS with Mr. Pool

    Tim is a great guy and an indispensable source of information. But today I disagree with soma that opinion. Tim’s Video   Email| Minds |                


I am an American. I came to this country when I was very young and have made an extensive study of the enlightenment era values and principles it was founded on. That doesn’t mean I ignore my background. Nor does it mean that I…

Everyone should Code?

I’ve heard several people weigh in on a series of articles describing troubles faced by men and boys (eg). These articles point out the higher rate of suicide, the unemployment, the crime, and the failure to form relationships. These are certainly problems that need…

Escapism is lack of Trust

(Note – ‘Criticism’ of persons involved isn’t done maliciously. I’m simply framing my point with teasing observations consisting of my initial impressions. People are complicated and I don’t want to contribute to empty snark culture.) Today was a research heavy day. As part of…

Is your hurrying effective?

  A super brief monologue on valuing time over diligence/quality. Email | Minds |

Recursive (Poem)

Read between the lines. Look for things in your own head. In solipsistic mines there are many phrases. Angles demonstrating circles. Each describing phases. In a mirror wielding sickles. Jingoistic harvest yields. So do not glut on bread. You’ll be buried by your own…