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FInal Binge Syndrome

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What I don’t Get…

…about Statists is that they look down on the individual. Viewing individualism as inherently myopic, solipsistic, selfish, and provincial. Then proceed to give individuals immense power over the collective. Seriously, I don’t get it.

Tryin To Funk Up My Blues

Just another Jam

Vagueness – The Fart That Binds – A News Blitz

Yea….I’m aware of the echo and the fact that the intro music sounds like a rave with intermittent power but hey! I made a da vidya. Today I talk about how vague terms like businessman, news, etc. And the way that congresscritters use vagueness… Continue Reading “Vagueness – The Fart That Binds – A News Blitz”

Hormesis, 107 Year old Man, Karen Revisited, and Moar

Badass of the century: And other stuff discussed.

YouTUBE is disgusting

My latest video got removed and I got a strike because I don’t buy the mask narrative for the following reasons: Radonovich, L.J. et al. (2019) “N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” JAMA. 2019; 322(9): 824–833.… Continue Reading “YouTUBE is disgusting”

Wasted Days Demo

Got a 40 dollar CAD u49 since my abused Focusrite finally called it quits. Works pretty good.


Russkies….russkies everywhere…in your cereal…in your hair! Yes, I stole the bit from Cumia:

@Gavin McInnes – Is Poland Conservative?

A randomer opines.

Influencer – Rant in the Key of Stop

This euphemism must end. Give me money or the hoodies win! :