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Mirror Pond Demo

A clumsy song about aging.

Without a Name (‘Song’)

Or rather an amateur attempt to set a poem to music.

Post.Grunge.Punks. (Webcomic) – Tim Pool is a Nut

Tim’s where I get (some of) my news and he seems to be an all around decent guy. I thought this would be a fun way to introduce him to people who may not have heard of his work. Check him out here:

Sleep ‘Hack’

    I stumbled on this very common sense trick this morning. I have a variable schedule that sometimes requires me to be at work at three am. The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. A brief web query will confirm this. Knowing well…

Without a Name (Poem)

    You are my sweetest sunshine You are my favored one And clearly…O so clearly We are far from done Out where the sky is purple Out where the sea is seen I’ve locked within my fleshly chest The record of a dream…

TAP # 10 – Genussiness – Violin Yoga and Death

Don’t you dare skip my soulful karaoke session! Did you see that smug look! I thought I was being scholarly. There’s no such word as Genossischkheit as per my web query. Nonetheless I take poetic license and dub this Genussiness which is a word…

Linux, Lesions, and the Duke (Vlog)

Apy-poly-logies for the meanderingness. I’m still getting the hang of ‘riffing.’ Just a goofy little chat on one reason why Linux is worth the ‘trouble.’ Links ‘n Such I truly am a lazy git and pretty sure that those links will take to some YT…