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What is it to be vulgar? As with most things the dictionary definition is not what comes to mind. Rather it is associations. When we think of people being vulgar we imagine swearing, or sexy talk, or sacrilege. Yet, when I look around. When…

Fractal Briefs | Passion is Work

Staying interested isn’t some effortless flow state. All work is work. It’s trite but true. Contact |      Social Media |  

Fractal Briefs | New Year Icebreaker Vlog (2019)

Le Description I open an item I ordered in a camp hat.   Le Contact

Hello Linux – A Very Nerdy Christmas Jam (Original Guitar Jam)

Merry Christmas nerds. Stole the chord progression from here: You can download and install Ardour Digital Audio Workstation (pretty much for free) by visiting: Contact Email | Social Media | Discord |  (TheLastMister#1031)  

Fractal Briefs | Patreon and The New York Times

In an interview with The New York Times, Patreon’s Jack Conte and Jacqueline Hart addressed the fallout from their removal of political commentator Sargon of Akkad. A fallout that took with it the likes of Sam Harris and a sizeable chunk of patrons. A…

Sinking Moon (Poem)

The moon is settling… Settling down …behind this town…behind this town… The chill wind is circling through the trees Through the trees… My soul is caught up in the breeze In the breeze O evening evening will you please leave me never again…never again……

Long Time (Poem)

Thirty minutes is a long time What if we don’t get another go around the sun Thirty minutes is a long time You had better learn to run Thirty minutes is a long time Divide it now by five Thirty minutes is a long…