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TFS 58 – UPS Blues, Face Thong, and Sweden

Took an extra shift to help pay for my top-shelf whiskey habit. Ouch. Other topics: Kinky Face Wear The Lutefisk Crowd Might Be RIght (Though stinky) Sven decides not to be a Karen (for once): Enjoy this post? –Please support the Journal (Paypal)

TFS 57 – Notes on Transhumanism and ‘The Myth of Moscvabad’

Muh Essay: FreedomAlternatives Vid:    Anatoly Karlin’s Article: Enjoy this post? – Please support the Journal (Paypal Link)

Notes On Transhumanism – An Essay on Being

No one gets a grip on living. The uncanny fact of existence is elusive. This is, no doubt, due to the transitory nature of mankind. How well can existence register in a mere eighty years? Are there any mortals that can pluck the flower… Continue Reading “Notes On Transhumanism – An Essay on Being”

TFS 56 – President Trump – Expanding Executive Powers is a Dangerous Game

A brief discussion of a disturbing lack of regard for checks on executive powers by the current POTUS. (Source: ) Brief because I am pressed for time and also spent a good four hours writing/editing the following story: The Walls Please Support Indie… Continue Reading “TFS 56 – President Trump – Expanding Executive Powers is a Dangerous Game”

The Walls (Creepypasta Original)

There was no fear then. The shadows that the trees cast as night fell held no terror. It was comfortable to watch the world grow dark. Now the inky shadows that bleed from the closet induce panic. How did I regress to such a… Continue Reading “The Walls (Creepypasta Original)”

TFS 55 – Committing to the Noir; Propaganda; and ‘What is Education?’

  A bit of a ramble on things mentioned in the title. If this leaves you bored I also just wrote a poem:

The Long Thunder (Poem)

The long thunder Sustains Ground bass under The eternal rains The long thunder Remains Mystery, wonder In refrains The long thunder So collected In drops tumbling asunder Till the lakes remembered The long thunder Laughs at Gnosis Calls it blunder Dispelling the prognosis The… Continue Reading “The Long Thunder (Poem)”

TFS 54 – American Single Malts, Workin’ for a Livin’, Muh Millenials, and YouTube Bric a Brac

It takes Courage and Conviction to keep this shitty caterpillar squatting above my upper lip till June. While we’re at it let’s explore the shibboleth of ‘workin’ for a livin’. Ah, dear yet more tedious observations regarding Millenials to contend with. All this while… Continue Reading “TFS 54 – American Single Malts, Workin’ for a Livin’, Muh Millenials, and YouTube Bric a Brac”

TFS 53 – Cycling Death and Urban Cycling Safety

I woke up from my post-work nap to see a text from a friend. The text was a link to a local news site describing the death of a cyclist that occurred yesterday (Sunday, May 10, 2020). Seeing as I cycle with some regularity… Continue Reading “TFS 53 – Cycling Death and Urban Cycling Safety”

TFS 52 – Wealth vs Bling

The guy with the shitty 2006 Chrysler is wealthier than Mustang Mama. An examination of the dumb limbic monkey-shit I see daily on the road. Tied pretty tidily to broader points about societal decay made by Peter Hitchens. – Help Me Outbling the… Continue Reading “TFS 52 – Wealth vs Bling”