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The Archivist

British Columbia His hand slipped over the paper again. It was practiced. It was familiar there was a sort of hum to it. A hum like the server fan in the corner of a chilly little B.C. Apartment. Dirk Vidette sat on his best… Continue Reading “The Archivist”

Nine Strategies For Honest and Effective Communication

  Strategies For Honest and Effective Communication Adrenaline Control (Even if you have a thought or an idea to share and want to really point it out because its gonna stick it to the ‘enemy’ and prove your case. Hold on. It won’t slip… Continue Reading “Nine Strategies For Honest and Effective Communication”

It Moves You Know – Book Teaser

Introduction A Little Back Story How does one begin to care about water?  Water being something that is generally only thought about when one is thirsty or needs a wash. It is something that falls from the sky. So how does one begin to… Continue Reading “It Moves You Know – Book Teaser”

The Utility of Music

Music doesn’t feed me. It doesn’t put a roof over my head. Music doesn’t listen to me. Music consumes a large part of my time. Why on earth do I bother with something so seemingly lacking in utility? Whether one is playing music or… Continue Reading “The Utility of Music”

The Ultimate Resource

  Water is the ultimate resource. It is essential for survival and underlies every human endeavor. If you live in a hydrologically blessed area like the southeastern United States you may be curious as to why anybody would worry about water. Most people in… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Resource”

Technology and Culture

Technology and Culture People have not caught up to the technology they use. The technology is using them. The sheer amount of information to be processed coupled with all the avenues it comes from is a ball and chain. This is not the statement… Continue Reading “Technology and Culture”