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Plantin, Plannin, and Disco

Slowly but surely progressing on my gardening intentions. Also, doggos.

The Saracens in Flight (Song/Poem/Guitar Idea)

Sifting round for musical ideas. Black sand shivers Dog star glimmers Sapphire silence Subtle violence The Saracens in flight Lamps are burning Sacred yearning For the ending of the light Bones are dancing turning engines (Crystalline machinery) Of the rite The Saracens in flight…

TFS 34 – Pumpin the Plants, Berlin Gutmensch, and Dr. Cody

I teach my plants to think big and kick ass, discuss the resurgence of the stasi, and present a robust case for quarantine (with my own criticism) from Ron Unz. Sources A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes…

Smooth and Balanced

Putzin around

A Moment With The Plants

Chill for a bit with my new friends.

Chill Cooking Vlog

Chill cooking vlog with your favorite schmuck a-schpritzin and a-schmearin his way to homecooked nirvana.

Neat Bit of Synchronicity

Positive vibes from my pocket recommends… So many feels… Right on maaaaaan…..