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Fractal Radio | Episode 30 – Dusty Pens and Blank Pages

  Don’t rely on technology to overcome your laziness. A nicer pen and notebook will gather dust just the same as your BIC and that yellow legal pad. These are the things I discuss along with the frustration of coincidences involving hats. Dank Classics…

Fractal Briefs – Does wisdom come with age?

An homage to Styx’s shirtless shenanigans. Basically just a wee social commentary on demographic silliness. Case in point: every generation is shit. +Styx’s video: +Sargon’s video: +Guardian article: + Dank Beats : My social media: Tipjar:

Welcome to America (Vlog)

A Russian, Ukro-Pollak, with a Scottish surname launches into a brief discussion of multiculturalism, Global Warming, and more. Social Media | Tipjar |

Fractal Radio | Episode 28 – Social Media and ‘Hardly Explicable Human Conduct’

A bit of a opinion stirred by Bryan Lunduke’s recent decision to quit all social media. I discuss the need for a refractory period to process each other’s opinions, insights,  and quirks. Then the vlog veers in the direction of Roscoe Pounds ‘The Philosophy…

Europe Sucks! (Vlog)

Primordial Myths… elusive isn’t it? Social Thing | Tipjar |

Quasi-Philosophical Waffling ~ War and Healthcare (Vlog)

People seem to defend and attack vague notions rather than discuss the merits of policies. I take a jab at the problem. Alright I mention the problem. Perhaps the jab will come soon. Check out my website for free stories, lotsa ideas, poems, and…