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Beware the Boffins – MechaShiva Rides MechaGanesh (Vlog)

The Atlantic gives us the skinny on some DARPA shenanigans. Shenanigans like so: During the Vietnam War, DARPA tried to build a Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine, a jungle vehicle that officials called a “mechanical elephant.” MechaGanesh… to be ridden by…. “Let’s say I gave you… Continue Reading “Beware the Boffins – MechaShiva Rides MechaGanesh (Vlog)”

Scams, Hardwork, Royalty Free Goodies, and Utilitarianism (Vlog)

A bit about some dude from Delhi tryin to steal my tele, Mozarts workethic, great tunes on Internet Archive, and a shamble through philosophy. Checkout Donut Operator (A channel where a excop explains copping) Internet Archive Royalty Free Goodness's+Bingo+(Jazzy+Detective+Edition).wav Danos Stuff… Continue Reading “Scams, Hardwork, Royalty Free Goodies, and Utilitarianism (Vlog)”

Wine Is Manlier Than Beer Because Mobsters Turned The Frogs Gay (Vlog)

Atrazine. Mob loving teen. Beer don’t make man-titties lean. An intellectual discussion.

The Robots Are Here (Vlog)

Automation is a hot topic these days. There are lots of ramifications. Whether they be economic, social, or psychological the domain in which they lie is well suited to philosophical exploration. In this super breif video I go over some recent developments that depending… Continue Reading “The Robots Are Here (Vlog)”

Scientists With The Certainty of Theologians

I return to Russell’s Introductory on his History of Western Philosophy to further highlight the trendy mistake of confusing science with philosophy. The Article Music Credits Music by BENSOUND… Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…  

3 Signs That Pop Psych is Caricaturizing People Again

Are you a self centered, passive aggressive, jealous caricature? Inc Magazine is here to help. And I’m here to poke fun at taking caricatures seriously. (Note: It’s not that bad of an article but there’s plenty of commentary to be made based on how… Continue Reading “3 Signs That Pop Psych is Caricaturizing People Again”

Democratizing Prissiness – Hey Guys and the Fainting Couch (Vlog)

The Atlantic has a recent article about the problem with ‘hey guys!’ as a greeting. There were 17th century French aristocrats that fainted less. I’m still utterly sleep deprived so if you don’t mind meandering through this topic at a snails cadence then perhaps… Continue Reading “Democratizing Prissiness – Hey Guys and the Fainting Couch (Vlog)”

Metaphysics is not Science

There’s a new Simon Says game in town and it’s called: Science Says. As lovely as the method called Science is, it nontheless remains mute. Science can say nothing at all. Which is an attractive quality when one considers how many daft things Simon… Continue Reading “Metaphysics is not Science”

What Are The Problems of Philosophy? (Sort Of) – Vlog

A breif bounce through the problem domain of philosophy, by way of Russell, by way of me. Hoozah. Etc. By the end of it you’ll sort of know what epistemology is. Hope you like it.

Imperial Japan, Bertrand Russell, and Productivity (Vlog Thing)

Finally back in the house. It’s a touch difficult to pick a title for one of these vlogs that’s all over the place. So, I sort of just listed some of the main topics under discussion. I go over those and some odds and… Continue Reading “Imperial Japan, Bertrand Russell, and Productivity (Vlog Thing)”