Essays and ‘essay like things’ ranging from current events to how a pair of stairs at dusk can make ya feel.

The Best Thing about Writing

Is Now The Best Time To Be A Writer

One More and One Less

Dudebro Six Figs – The New Approach to Writing

Noble Order of Asshole Knights – Join or Serve!

Look Out Boss! It’s the Bots!


Everyone should Code?

Escapism is lack of Trust


Silence is Sterile

Longterm Projects (Are Good for You)

How Great it Feels ~ Musings on Creativity

Don’t Make it a Chore ~ Musings on Productivity

Let a Sleeping Dog Lie

The Importance of Consistency

Inventor’s Paradox and TFJ’s – ‘Integrative Analysis’

Book Review | Consilience The Unity of Knowledge – E.O. Wilson

Why I Don’t Facebook

Retro and the Crow

Sleep Hack

Classics and the True Way

The Sort of Cold

Learn to Love Uncertainty

Dead Bunny | An Uncanny Memento Mori

Man of Letters

The DOD’s position on your Beerbelly

Smell the Bacon

A Defense of Journalism

A Big To Do – Turning Ideas into Actions for the Indie Set

Meta Mining

Crowded Souls

Psychology, Environment, Psychology

The Water We Spend

Diversify your Portfolio

A Week in Sales

Environmental ROI

Are We Productive?

Get Used to Being Ignored

Content Creation | The Art and Ethic

Lost and Found

57 Outrageous Things!

Of News and our Digestion

What’s been Overcome

Action is Cheap

The Gentleman Defined

The Utility of Music

Nine Strategies for Honest and Effective Communication

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