Psychology certainly has its difficulties. The subject matter is vast and crosses all sorts of disciplines. The data that this sciecne works with is often difficult to quantify as well as qualify.

These difficulties do not invalidate this discipline. They simply give us a responsibility to go about studying our minds and interactions more carefully.

It is important to pursue this study because understanding our minds and motivations will help us to make better decisions.

There is a fictional character in Michael Chrichton’s book Sphere who is a psychologist. This character is named Norman. During the course of the book Norman comments on the lack of respect that psychology gets as a science, by saying something to the effect of:

“Feelings are important, people kill each other over their feelings.”

While avoiding disasters and unravelling pathologies are worthwhile and noble goals. There is another more heartning aspect to psychology.

By helping us to understand our minds and behaviors psychology can make us happier and more productive. Everything from ergonomics, to architecture, to traffic is informed by psychology.

This is why I have decided to make it a central theme of The Fractal Journal.


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