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Ever So Slightly Screwed, Moonshine ice cream, and Zero Informaiton News

Preview(opens in a new tab) No AC in SC Speeders Tickets Chuck Shumer is a Walnut “We did stuff, bipartisan stuff, we’re about to do stuff, if we can get around the Republicans” is news apparently

Alfred Devereux – 12,000 foot Gator

Courtesy of my broken AC, Elijah Craig, and this sick jam:

“Serving America” and other Ambiguous woo

Herein we look at: “Heroes work here; Thank you for your service;” and other such spells…. To conclude that: Mysticism is usually only good for the shaman.

@Gavin McInnes – Is Poland Conservative?

A randomer opines.

Cheer and Gloom – Milltown Blues

Here’s my cringetastic reporting on a local bit of news from last year.   And….here’s how it turned out… I plan to do a bit more of this sort of on the ground stuff in the coming year. Subjects will vary but I’m thinking… Continue Reading “Cheer and Gloom – Milltown Blues”

ia Ra (Poem and Song)

Poem Song – I’m the paleolithic hunter Imagination of the sun And I run And I run And I run through the air and the ether and the atmosphere The flame you become Tells I am near Lonesome is a fantasy Presence is reality… Continue Reading “ia Ra (Poem and Song)”

Americana Slavonicum (Musical Fireside Thing)

Wee…! Maybe someone will find this relaxing or some such thing …. Americana Slavonicum? Free Stories, Ideas, Novels, and more! | https://www.fractaljournal.com Social Thing | https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Tipjar | https://www.patreon.com/TheFractalJournal

‘Daily’ Poem # 6 – Synesthesia

There is a word that says all things of course If you want to hear it you must learn to see That see is waves and waves are sound and source Such sight comes as pulses of  light’s subtle symmetry If now is then… Continue Reading “‘Daily’ Poem # 6 – Synesthesia”

Gee, Bee Flat, and Dee (Vlog and Music Sorta)

9 minutes of utter wank. I do like the chord though. If it is a chord I think it’s supposed to be G, B Flat, and D Flat but whatever. It was my intention to get some headway on the Sketch of Sam Monroe… Continue Reading “Gee, Bee Flat, and Dee (Vlog and Music Sorta)”

Fractal Radio | Episode 27 – Art and Physical Fitness

My hand hurts…I segue into a discussion on the relationship between art and physicality. There is a sort of trope that artists are disaffected and dysfunctional – that substance abuse and abandon are the key to greatness. I present an alternative theory. Then I… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 27 – Art and Physical Fitness”