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Tree Update – Dey Dun Leafed (Vlog)

  Got some trees from Arbor Day Foudnatoin that I planted. Some leafed some didn’t. Despite the lossess I’m still excited. P.S. I have been spectacularly busy recently. While I’m determined to post more I have a new unexpected responsibility. Maybe I’ll fill everyone… Continue Reading “Tree Update – Dey Dun Leafed (Vlog)”

My First Time Planting Trees – Arbor Day Foundation Package (Vlog)

The Arbor Day Foundation sent a very generous portion of baby trees after I responded to their letter with a small donation. It was good they came right after the rain. Though it was very unexpexted. I was getting into the shower as I… Continue Reading “My First Time Planting Trees – Arbor Day Foundation Package (Vlog)”