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The Cottage – Part Six – (Short Story)

As the week wore on Jim grew comfortable. His initial carelessness returned. He rambled in the woods, feasted on his uncle’s ample supply of venison, and drank much whiskey. Thursday came and Thursday went and there were no consequences. His Yankee pallor disappeared. He… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Six – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Five – (Short Story)

  Though Hant’s circumspection had proved to be a help round morning. It became a hindrance as noon began to roll on into evening. Jim wanted one thing. Fire. To establish a hearth was to establish a heartbeat. The instinct for flame was as… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Five – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Two – (Short Story)

Jim had never seen stars that bright before. In a sky as clean and clear as the angles of his uncle’s cabin. They hung silent. They hung cold. “It’s chilly up here.” He remarked. “That’s the damp settin in.” “Well then I’d best be… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Two – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part One – (Short Story)

Appalachia spreads itself in grey and green a few hundred miles inland of the Atlantic. Its mountains, caves, lakes, and fields are a delight. It is a garden. It is a temple. It is where Jim found himself that summer. His uncle who went… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part One – (Short Story)”

Rain (Poem)

There is nothing left Except the rain Deft The flitting cross the main A throughfare So subtly here Yet nearly there This vertically fissile air Broken by the waters That had grown wings A myria glimmering daughters Too lofty for even kings For none… Continue Reading “Rain (Poem)”

Ever Forward (Guitar/Violin Bminorish)

Rejoice for I have spared you my caterwauling. It’s purely instrumental caterwauling tonight. Having the damnedst time trying to gather my time into neat enough bundles to bring a decent soup to a boil. Mayhaps this coming week will yield heartier fare. Carry on.… Continue Reading “Ever Forward (Guitar/Violin Bminorish)”

O Flower ~ (Poem – Song- Thing) w/Violin Woohoo – I still Can’t Sing

Will probably put up an instrumental version cause the vocals are so ghastly. I kept them in mostly because the timing of this crap take was better than anything I could come up with this evening. I’m satisfied with the violin and can tolerate… Continue Reading “O Flower ~ (Poem – Song- Thing) w/Violin Woohoo – I still Can’t Sing”

Friday Freewrite – Totentanz

I didn’t find fear in a dark alley. Nor did I find it in some lonesome backwood cabin. There was no metro labyrinth. Monsters and ghosts are but paper tigers. I found terror at the end of a cigarette. It was mere tabacco. No… Continue Reading “Friday Freewrite – Totentanz”

Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)

(Got the 12 String fixed…so I put together this little number. It’s 432 hz because I’m a dirty hippy.) Wasted Days And golden Rays Of Sunshine When will I rise To tow the drowning line Long blonde hair Wicker Chair And summer Wine Such… Continue Reading “Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)”

Tactile (Poem)

There’s a lot to be said for tactile suggestion How treading leaves with rubber soles Is an eternal orientation Contextualizing roles The shoe, the man, the fall Somewhere between specificity and ambiguity Strange songs begin to call Like myriad birds Flitting in their season… Continue Reading “Tactile (Poem)”