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The Harried Deadly Calm

        The smell of cheap tobacco had become my home. The cigarette dropped listlessly into the green glass ashtray. Uncanny how that thin finger could imbue dead leaves with such ennui. Thunder erupted from beyond the kitchen door. Outside a large… Continue Reading “The Harried Deadly Calm”

Drowning Jones

I threw him into the Thames. This dream followed the outline of several others occurring some years apart. Sort of English themed, in an industrial setting, seeming to be round 1860’s. Could be cause of all the Doyle I’ve read over the years or… Continue Reading “Drowning Jones”

Winter Drizzle (Poem)

Drops against my window On a Wednesday Afternoon All came in a neat row Neither slow nor soon As I lay dreaming My limbs drank in their soothing sound Carrying a meaning Of times and spaces more profound For all is water All was… Continue Reading “Winter Drizzle (Poem)”

Hanging with Cecilia – Moody Piano Impromptu and Poem

There’s a wee spider beneath my keyboard… so I’m… Hanging With Cecilia… Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider spun her silken web Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider controlled the flow and ebb Of the weird ocean known as time Even though lady Cecilia Meenor Spider was no… Continue Reading “Hanging with Cecilia – Moody Piano Impromptu and Poem”

No More, No More (Poem)

How is all of the magic Of an embrace Worn away by the Idleness Of passing from place to place With the day to day All we can say Is come what may What for What for The sound of nails in the coffin… Continue Reading “No More, No More (Poem)”

TFJ Vlogs – Mr. Vesterby and the Elvish Dreamer – Impromptu Story

I decided to make up a story on the go during my drive back home from work. I think it came out ‘ok’ with its chief strength being atmospherics. There did seem to be a bit of unconscious plagiarism in the borrowing of elements… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Mr. Vesterby and the Elvish Dreamer – Impromptu Story”

in my Corridors

Had a friend over last something or other. He complained about the spiders. I have his laptop. Had a techie friend of mine put Mint on it. This is the first text file on the visitors new operating system. I suppose I’ll file it… Continue Reading “in my Corridors”