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TFS 32 – Liquid Meditation

  Get zen. Get right. The proper way to prepare for the great TP shortage of 2020! Topics Discussed (Unordered List) Whiskey Empty Aisles Philosophy (not really) The EU (Just a bit of a bant really) Water Issues (CAFOS etc) Alcohol and Diet (Sort… Continue Reading “TFS 32 – Liquid Meditation”

Absolute Truths

1) You can never have just one glass of wine. 2) There is no such thing as too much cheese cake. 3) Baby Boomers are entitled. 4) The west is doomed. 5) You’d better learn Chinese. 6) Ni Hao. 7) Redheads are sexy. Unless… Continue Reading “Absolute Truths”

My Late Night Reaction to Romanian Banter (Slightly Buzzed Edition)

The Russian Reaction: lol of course the romanian takes a jab at the russians. stealing isn’t russian culture. its gypsy culture vee. and soviet culture is actually german. since marx was german and the germans have a tendency to take things that don’t belong… Continue Reading “My Late Night Reaction to Romanian Banter (Slightly Buzzed Edition)”