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FInal Binge Syndrome

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Beer Bad or Good, I’m Still Working, Epoch Times on Corona

  Despite being a bit panicky from overdoing it today I throw together a brief vlog. O dear, it seems my hotel stay has made go all doughy. Ah, well. It gives me something to work on during the great spazz attack of 2020.… Continue Reading “Beer Bad or Good, I’m Still Working, Epoch Times on Corona”

TFS 31 – Pears, Beer, Bikes, and Sun

So I was stuck dealing with car issues yesterday. Hence, the lack of video. Today is the second day of daylight savings time and it’s kicking my ass. So to cope I rode out to the pub on my bike and had a couple… Continue Reading “TFS 31 – Pears, Beer, Bikes, and Sun”

TFS 28 – Perlenbacher, Carpentry Aspirations, and the Canadian Mushroom Feind

I talk about the thrifty goodness of Lidl and Aldis, which are right next to each other in my town. I got this premium Lager from Lidl and it’s decent. Frankly, this whole thing is a ramble where I talk about everything from my… Continue Reading “TFS 28 – Perlenbacher, Carpentry Aspirations, and the Canadian Mushroom Feind”

TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living

  Note (I repeated a factoid from another YouTuber (CoffeeTalk) “bird flu has 98% or so survival rate) I was unable to confirm this via Google. All I got was survival rate of the virus strains in Korea not of people. I did find… Continue Reading “TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living”

TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone

In this TFJ Vlog, you will find a discussion of the need to develop physical and metaphysical stamina. Public discourse and effective inquiry require strength and character. Both of these are inextricably tied and I give some quirky examples of how to attain them.… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone”

Urbock (Poem)

The tin can sat It was prosaic It was transient It was not subject for mosaic Unless one’s reaching is transparent As is mine Though uncannily my eye has glanced upon it Just in time to tow the line As a monument to transience… Continue Reading “Urbock (Poem)”