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Ten Joys of Simple Work

I bitch a lot about my day job so here are some of the perks. I’m too shagged out to make it terribly witty or poetic but I’m trying damn it! 1) My feet are strong. I got buff feet yall. They conform to… Continue Reading “Ten Joys of Simple Work”


I will never cease to be baffled by the pride that a good chunk of humanity seems to take in submitting to preistcraft. By preistcraft I do not necessarily mean religion. In this broadened definition I include many ideologies and yes…among them I dare… Continue Reading “Preistcraft”

But…I Want to Play (An Update of Sorts)

Still dwelling in hotels whilst the house undergoes repairs. Speaking of house the thing needs to have the roof swept, the back and front yard raked, months of dishes done, the carpets cleaned, and the owner whipped. (I’m the owner.) There have been too… Continue Reading “But…I Want to Play (An Update of Sorts)”

Why History? Why Learning?

So, I stumbled across the Shindo Renmei. An interesting group that sprang out of an interesting set of circumstances. It is a peculiarity in the truest sense of the word. Absolutely dependent on the specifics of its time and place. That is the case… Continue Reading “Why History? Why Learning?”


Is there really any reason for it? Are there any less raw resources? Any less technique with which to harness them? Any serious collapse in enforceable contracts? Why then does it collapse? Its corpse choking the destitute and enriching the powerful. What bizzare miseries… Continue Reading “2008”

The Importance of Setting Limits

So, I was just considering finishing a vlog and posting it. But, I realized it’s late and I have not been getting adequate rest. So, I asked myself: How good is this vlog going to be? Sure, I feel the creative juices surging RIGHT… Continue Reading “The Importance of Setting Limits”

Fractal Flashes – ‘The End’

There’s a YouTube video sitting in my subscription feed. A video with the disconcerting title of: “Our Moral and Cultural CRISIS of Purpose Will Be America’s End.” O dear. As much as I like Tim Pool, and as much as my wry, post-regime, immigrant,… Continue Reading “Fractal Flashes – ‘The End’”

Absolute Truths – Two – The Curmudgeoning

1) A bottle of wine is never enough 2) Isms are cancer 3) I am an island 4) Don’t to that 5) Or the other 6) If you run barefoot in the rain with a blonde idiot you’re likely going to have to justify… Continue Reading “Absolute Truths – Two – The Curmudgeoning”

Absolute Truths

1) You can never have just one glass of wine. 2) There is no such thing as too much cheese cake. 3) Baby Boomers are entitled. 4) The west is doomed. 5) You’d better learn Chinese. 6) Ni Hao. 7) Redheads are sexy. Unless… Continue Reading “Absolute Truths”


What is it to be vulgar? As with most things the dictionary definition is not what comes to mind. Rather it is associations. When we think of people being vulgar we imagine swearing, or sexy talk, or sacrilege. Yet, when I look around. When… Continue Reading “Vulgar”