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The Strange Life of Artemus Foe – Concept Doodle (#StopBeards)

Ever wonder why hipsters try so hard to look like Victorian proles? I think it has something to do with the fact that this was the most recent time in history that the world seemed mysterious. Right before Antarctica was penetrated (gigrgity) by Amundsen…

Artie – Steampunk Concept and Musical Theme

The recording is a voice memo I left to myself Thursday night after listening to Matt Elliots drinking songs and trying to fall asleep. I also added a slideshow of hastily sketched concept art set to a little musical theme I worked out on…

Post. Grunge. Punks. (Webcomic) – Harshey’s! (hypothetical fatty)

As a former smoker and nebbish reader of medical literature long ago in a land far away, where I fancied becoming a neurologist… I must say that I do not condone it. Medical School is terrible and produces self-important shills for the pharmaceutical…o that’s…

Post.Grunge.Punks. (Webcomic) – Doushy O’ Toole

This is a reference to a conversation that was used in this entry: A Defense of Journalism

Post Grunge Punks – Introducing – Lex Haxski

Post Grunge Punk is my doodly webcomic offering. I’ll try to make it into something more substantial as time goes on. Thanks for stopping by.