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Inventor’s Paradox and TFJ’s ‘Integrative Analysis’

    Apologies for issues with the formatting, I ran out of time, and hope to be able to fix the eyesore within the coming week. The term integrative analysis is generally used in an ‘applied science’ context. ‘Big Data Companies’ such as IGI… Continue Reading “Inventor’s Paradox and TFJ’s ‘Integrative Analysis’”

Stray Thoughts Regarding Craftsmanship via – E.O. Wilson’s – Consilience

Oh, dear it’s already six well…I suppose I’ll just post this introduction to a book review I plan to get on with some time this week. Before I go into the actual review I’d like to frame it with a few observations. 1998 that… Continue Reading “Stray Thoughts Regarding Craftsmanship via – E.O. Wilson’s – Consilience”

TAP # 10 – Genussiness – Violin Yoga and Death

Don’t you dare skip my soulful karaoke session! Did you see that smug look! I thought I was being scholarly. There’s no such word as Genossischkheit as per my web query. Nonetheless I take poetic license and dub this Genussiness which is a word… Continue Reading “TAP # 10 – Genussiness – Violin Yoga and Death”

Smell The Bacon

Dedication For Miss Birdie my very own Eliza… Has everything been said? A lot of people presented with a blank page are familiar with this question. The answer is of course no. But, let’s for just a moment imagine that the answer is yes.… Continue Reading “Smell The Bacon”