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Plantin, Plannin, and Disco

Slowly but surely progressing on my gardening intentions. Also, doggos.

Chill Cooking Vlog

Chill cooking vlog with your favorite schmuck a-schpritzin and a-schmearin his way to homecooked nirvana.

Sir Sizzlealot

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TFJ Vlogs – The Lazy Gourmand

Well… washing the potatoes was like three minutes, peeling five, and baking them twenty. But you can just chillax while they bake and then the fish, peppers, mushrooms, vinegar, goat cheese, and mayo thing takes like twenty tops. So altogether it’s a tad over… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – The Lazy Gourmand”

Post Grunge Punks – Home Ec

When I was a kid I recall going out to my friends Dacha with my drunken uncles. Potato cooking seemed so simple then. First you get properly pissed then you wrap the spuds in tinfoil and toss them in a fire by the river.… Continue Reading “Post Grunge Punks – Home Ec”