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TFS 58 – UPS Blues, Face Thong, and Sweden

Took an extra shift to help pay for my top-shelf whiskey habit. Ouch. Other topics: Kinky Face Wear The Lutefisk Crowd Might Be RIght (Though stinky) Sven decides not to be a Karen (for once): https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/in-the-race-for-immunity-sweden-leads-the-pack/ Enjoy this post? –Please support the Journal (Paypal)

TFS 51 – October Faction and The Epoch Times on the ‘CCP Virus’

I talk about an unfairly maligned bit of wackiness called October Faction and discuss an otherwise decent publications rather overzealous critique of China/CCP. paypal.me/fractalforce

TFS 50 – Principle vs Allegiance, Tales of Idiocy, and ‘Looming Meat Shortages’

I continue the discussion of civilizational decline. With an examination of the difference between principle and allegiance and what this means for the rule of law. Other Supporting Topics Include How anti-intellectualism and the abdication of the Enlightenment ethos have led to ack of… Continue Reading “TFS 50 – Principle vs Allegiance, Tales of Idiocy, and ‘Looming Meat Shortages’”

TFS 49 – Internet Busybodies prove Peter Hitchens Concerns

Peter Hitchens does a rather excellent job of describing our decline. It is not the moralist’s self-righteous ramblings that Hitchens brings to the table. But, rather a very tangible, quantifiable, decay in standards and practices that affect everything from personal interactions to jurisprudence. Just… Continue Reading “TFS 49 – Internet Busybodies prove Peter Hitchens Concerns”

the dark side of synchronicity

enroute to my buddies german joint, ecstatic that they were now doing takeout, a classic rock dj delivered some uncannily specific bad news yes. im a nerd. yes. i will die alone upside down in a pub toilet. and yes, i stole that line… Continue Reading “the dark side of synchronicity”

Called It

So, I’m currently holding the wee bit of left bollock that  hasn’t retreated up my abdomen with the rest of the kit. A feat courtesy of  hearing that my shift starts at 4:15 AM. As such I can’t bring you the regularly scheduled joy… Continue Reading “Called It”

Elder Care and Coronachan – My Grandfather is at the Hospital

Initial reaction video here. My gdad who has had two strokes already got more than winded after his walk this afternoon. He is currently in the hospital. I discuss the situation at my local ER and do some broader social commentary. I’m just as… Continue Reading “Elder Care and Coronachan – My Grandfather is at the Hospital”

UPS Dirt Shirt, Muscovite Immunity, and the dangers of Suburbia

I’m marinating in grime from around the world every workday and they think giving me a surgical mask is gonna help. What probably helps more than anything is the fact that I swam in rivers that glowed green Fallout style as kid in 90’s… Continue Reading “UPS Dirt Shirt, Muscovite Immunity, and the dangers of Suburbia”

Top Brass Magic

So, apparently I’m only suceptible to Corona when top brass is milling about. Scientific curiosities abound.

Wanna info binge sum moar?

Ugh, it’s gonna be another chore laden day. While, I really think homeownership is one of the keys to liberty it’s also a huge pain in the ass. Especially as concerns labyrinthine beauracratic horrors associated therewith. In the interest of not going into another… Continue Reading “Wanna info binge sum moar?”