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Plinth – A Night Drive Story

He could feel every bump. Every bit of asphalt conducted via tire and frame as the rickety Honda plunged through the inky dark. He regretted the decision to take the backroads. Though in all honesty, it was more necessity than decision. The freeway required… Continue Reading “Plinth – A Night Drive Story”

She Sells Seahells – Part IV – Solomon’s Gift (Original Story)

  “Well that there along the side…you see it…the sort of interlocking thing…yes…” I said running my finger along the edge. “That is the tree of life – the world tree…”   “Like in the Bible.”   “Somewhat..though this is a Yakut story likely… Continue Reading “She Sells Seahells – Part IV – Solomon’s Gift (Original Story)”

She Sells Seahells – Part II (Original Story)

I was throbbing. Absolutely throbbing as a billion points of grain pressed into the exposed skin of my arm and face. Slowly the blinding light receded. It was replaced by a voice. A gruff reeking voice. “Git up…eh…you git!” I groaned. “Halstead! retch’d derelict…up… Continue Reading “She Sells Seahells – Part II (Original Story)”

She Sells Seahells – Part One – (Original Story)

I was breathless. I was ecstatic. The soft sand propelled me forward with a rhythmic dampened crunch. I was a little tipsy. My friend seven years my senior lagged far behind. Not only was he older, but the call center hadn’t exactly improved his… Continue Reading “She Sells Seahells – Part One – (Original Story)”