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Plinth – A Night Drive Story – Creepypasta Original

Hey, everybody sorry for the huge lag in uploads. Life is life as the Laibach song goes. My schedule is all topsy turvy, night is day, day is night, and I’m still in a bloody hotel. Whinging aside I’m rather happy to bring you… Continue Reading “Plinth – A Night Drive Story – Creepypasta Original”

The Walls (Creepypasta Original)

There was no fear then. The shadows that the trees cast as night fell held no terror. It was comfortable to watch the world grow dark. Now the inky shadows that bleed from the closet induce panic. How did I regress to such a… Continue Reading “The Walls (Creepypasta Original)”

Tea for One (Short Story/Creepypasta/Original)

I felt the chill. Let it sink in. Now that the drunken shouts and laughter had decayed into murmurs, I was beginning to feel the night. My fire provided warmth enough for the kettle that swung on a hook above it. I however was… Continue Reading “Tea for One (Short Story/Creepypasta/Original)”

Teatime, CreepyPasta Love, and Global Warming 2.0

Lot’s of madness brewing so I brewed some tea. Over which I have a bit of a ramble as regards CreepyPasta, and the tragically overshadowed problem of nitrification. My Favorite CreepyPasta Narrators: CreepyGhostStories: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnK36WwcJDTEhyS7w3SQntg (CGS is also a prolific writer! Highly recommended.) NaturesTemper: https://www.youtube.com/user/NaturesTemper… Continue Reading “Teatime, CreepyPasta Love, and Global Warming 2.0”

Delivery – Short Story

Band stickers, college parking passes, crumpled bits of fast food wrappers… ‘Good.’ I was relieved. “One more minute and I woulda left without you.” The driver joked. “It’s not as bad as it seems…by the looks of the cars…they’re just students…who probably rented the… Continue Reading “Delivery – Short Story”

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car (Creepypasta Sorta) – Pt IV

  The tale continues! Sorry for the lag in uploading/creating. End of the year is a busy time and all the rest of my excuses etc.. Also sorry for the subpar voice acting… I really would have preffered getting some dudebros together but I’m… Continue Reading “Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car (Creepypasta Sorta) – Pt IV”

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part III

  Alan improvises. https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow – Social Thing https://www.patreon.com/TheFractalJournal – Tipjar

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part II

Part I The Alan character sounds a bit different because I finally figured out that my mic wasn’t plugged in all the way. I’m a noob audio wise bear with me. Hope ya’ll enjoy. The music is free domain see the last videos description… Continue Reading “Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part II”

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part I

  An original story I just made up as I sat here in front of the microphone. I was hoping to get some Halloween spooky stuff done (on or by Halloween) but life happened. This idea had been milling about in my head and… Continue Reading “Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part I”

She Sells Seahells – Part V – The Contemplation of God

As we proceeded topside Harris chuckled. “That was a mighty fine speech you gave. You should have taken on the cloth.” “I do not fancy my fathers profession.” “A nice parish in the country? That is not favorable to scurvy and the sword?” “The… Continue Reading “She Sells Seahells – Part V – The Contemplation of God”