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Youtube is disgusting

My video got yeeted for “medical misinformation” because I don’t buy the mask narrative. For reasons that can be found here: https://www.rcreader.com/commentary/masks-dont-work-covid-a-review-of-science-relevant-to-covide-19-social-policy YouTube was founded, fostered, and currently operates in the United States and is not a publisher but a platform so it should adhere… Continue Reading “Youtube is disgusting”

TFS 48 – Peter Hitchens on Cultural Decline and Loss of Liberty

I review some excellent points Peter Hitchens made regarding the cultural decline that’s led our society and institutions to abdicate principals of individual rights, rule of law, and other ideals. Said ideals being integral to the success of not only England and America but… Continue Reading “TFS 48 – Peter Hitchens on Cultural Decline and Loss of Liberty”

TFS 27 – Stoics, Cynics, and Heroics

A cheeky romp through pungent fields of self important bullshit. Diagnosis: It’s a bargain bin replacement for religion. Le Articles De Discotheque https://eidolon.pub/why-is-stoicism-having-a-cultural-moment-5f0e9963d560  

TFS 6 – Canned Experience, Language and Inclination, You are the “Audience”

HD and beyond bring a level of immersion that destroys a barrier we might have been better off keeping. Do world languages shape cultures and the capacities of the people that comprise those cultures. When creating for an audience remember that the audience is… Continue Reading “TFS 6 – Canned Experience, Language and Inclination, You are the “Audience””

Idea Medley – Dealing With Interrupts, Vulgar vs Manners, and some Guitaring (Vlog)

Made this last night. Given hardware limitations it took three hours just to render two clips stuck together. Ain’t nothin spectacular just riffing on various odds and ends like: dealing with procrastination, what’s actually vulgar, and then there’s a bit of musical nonsense. Was… Continue Reading “Idea Medley – Dealing With Interrupts, Vulgar vs Manners, and some Guitaring (Vlog)”

Were 90’s Movies Better and… (Vlog)

 …if so why? Just a bit of impromptu musing on how shifts in information processing (internet skim/deep reading etc) may be why movies from prior decades seem better. (I know that Castaway was made in 2000) This is from my music/informal channel. Please subscribe… Continue Reading “Were 90’s Movies Better and… (Vlog)”

Dudebro Six Figs – The New Approach to Writing

The pines creaked and swayed. Cold settled like a chill blanket as the sun slowly sank. If I followed the advice I’ve found in some writers guides I’d have never arranged words in that particular order. Those sentences wouldn’t exist. Description is gauche you… Continue Reading “Dudebro Six Figs – The New Approach to Writing”

Their Product? | Who owns the Internet?

The internet is not a trendy cafe and you are not the Grand Barista.  Technology is a cumulative collaborative process. Ideas form all round the world, needs arise, and information converges – pens are made with ball points! And internets! So at the end… Continue Reading “Their Product? | Who owns the Internet?”

Ten Years Prior – Uniqlo and Article 13

  Thoughts on the global village, trendy minimalism, and the homogenization of culture. |David Hoffman’s Video | |Sargon on Article 13 | |The Atlantic on Uniqlo | https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/04/uniqlo-millennials-gap/583219/

Fractal Briefs | It’s ok to wear a tie

It’s ok to be a man. It’s ok to have self respect. It’s ok to have dignity. It’s okay to not dress like you shop at GAP kids. Free Fiction Series, Essays, and more | https://www.fractaljournal.com Social Media | https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow Email | mellow.mission.productions@gmail.com Tipjar… Continue Reading “Fractal Briefs | It’s ok to wear a tie”