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TFS 53 – Cycling Death and Urban Cycling Safety

I woke up from my post-work nap to see a text from a friend. The text was a link to a local news site describing the death of a cyclist that occurred yesterday (Sunday, May 10, 2020). Seeing as I cycle with some regularity… Continue Reading “TFS 53 – Cycling Death and Urban Cycling Safety”

TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs

  LOL. Recorded this yesterday. Shoulda made my shitty guitar jam background music quieter. The title is essential the topic sequence. Yeeha. I dunno if I’m gonna be able to make another today. So, this may be all I have to offer till tommorow.… Continue Reading “TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs”

Neat Bit of Synchronicity

Positive vibes from my pocket recommends… https://www.bicycling.com/rides/a31245986/two-strangers-meet-bike-ride-journey/ So many feels… Right on maaaaaan…..

Carolina Living – Get Some While You Can

California is on lockdown. Soak up the sun, stock up, before the soccer moms take over your town. In Order of Appearance Wild Boar Wild Douche Wild Truck That’s Stuck