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Because I Can (Doodle)

And despite this wine I am still sober. Please help. Made with Krita.

The Strange Life of Artemus Foe – Concept Doodle (#StopBeards)

Ever wonder why hipsters try so hard to look like Victorian proles? I think it has something to do with the fact that this was the most recent time in history that the world seemed mysterious. Right before Antarctica was penetrated (gigrgity) by Amundsen… Continue Reading “The Strange Life of Artemus Foe – Concept Doodle (#StopBeards)”

Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)

So, I have decided to pursue this steampunk webcomic idea. Which is explained in a voicememo/youtube video below. I know I already introduced it but here’s some more concept art! If you can call it art. Concept doodles…but I had a blast…look forward to… Continue Reading “Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)”

Hipster Viking (Doodle)

Since my last post was kind of heavy here’s some comic relief.

1982 – The Button – Doodle n’ Skit

John: But what? Gus: But what, what? John: What does it do? Gus: It’s the button… John: I can see that. Gus: It’s not that… but the… John: ‘The’ what?  Gus: The button. Yea. It’s not the height of wit but I had fun doodling it out.… Continue Reading “1982 – The Button – Doodle n’ Skit”