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TFS – 4 – Recuring Nightmares, Cool Netflix Shows, and Sicilian Wine

A daily variety show wherein today I prattle on about some weird dream patterns, neat shows, and various cultural bric-a-brac.

Demons Hate Citrus

According to a dream I had last night: the way to defeat freaky pale ghost bitches that crawl out from where the walls meet the floor is to squeeze an orange on the cunts. Me and my mates slayed hundreds of them with Florida… Continue Reading “Demons Hate Citrus”

Funny Dreams

I really don’t recall the exact progression but it did feature an old flame. Someone who is very often forgotten behind a veil of things that actually matter. She’s a tall girl of my own blood. That is she is Slavic though there is… Continue Reading “Funny Dreams”

Spooky Procrastination – Strange dream at age Nineteen

Permit me to indulge in exercise. I am coming to work on my main projects in a graduated fashion. I’ve always had to do a sort of calculus…where I approach the zero of the actual work. To zero in on the actual work I… Continue Reading “Spooky Procrastination – Strange dream at age Nineteen”

Origin of ‘The War Witch’ (Vlog)

A brief and sleepy recounting of the dream that sparked a recent story I wrote. Dreams are interesting things and are often the perfect catalyst for creativity. The fun part is getting from a vague notion to a coherent narrative. A process I’ll likely… Continue Reading “Origin of ‘The War Witch’ (Vlog)”

Drowning Jones

I threw him into the Thames. This dream followed the outline of several others occurring some years apart. Sort of English themed, in an industrial setting, seeming to be round 1860’s. Could be cause of all the Doyle I’ve read over the years or… Continue Reading “Drowning Jones”