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Is It The Medium?

Do you find yourself hating everything the web (read Podcasts/YouTube) has to offer? i hunger (for topshelf liquor – 1st world problems are still problems!) – paypal.me/fractalforce

Normie Review – WSJ Journal Blows Sunshine Up Your Ass, NYT Ditz on Rogan’s Spotify Deal

Just a bit of a ramble on normie news. Note: The article on Rogan actually wasn’t bad. I don’t dislike Bari Weiss. I just find many of her views distasteful so I rag on her a bit. Sources https://www.wsj.com/articles/for-economy-worst-of-coronavirus-shutdowns-may-be-over-11590408000   Enjoy this post? Consider… Continue Reading “Normie Review – WSJ Journal Blows Sunshine Up Your Ass, NYT Ditz on Rogan’s Spotify Deal”

TFS 51 – October Faction and The Epoch Times on the ‘CCP Virus’

I talk about an unfairly maligned bit of wackiness called October Faction and discuss an otherwise decent publications rather overzealous critique of China/CCP. paypal.me/fractalforce

TFS – 4 – Recuring Nightmares, Cool Netflix Shows, and Sicilian Wine

A daily variety show wherein today I prattle on about some weird dream patterns, neat shows, and various cultural bric-a-brac.

Ten Years of Tits and Dragons

Jaded stockbrokers showcase Hobbesian ideas in the style of Marquis De Sade. In short a porno directed by the moody scene kid that just left his Psych 101 class with profound insights into the human condition. fractaljournal.com – give us a kiss then

Some thoughts on Meritocracy

O dear, it seems it’s time for some conceptual play…. Apparently these days the scouts aren’t the only people obsessed with merit. There’s a whole phalanx of YouTube luminaries and pundits waxing poetic about the merits of meritocracy. I’m rather confused by this term… Continue Reading “Some thoughts on Meritocracy”

Fractal Radio| Episode II – Friday Fuzz

“Yeah Laurie Anderson’s music is more coherent” -Moldovan Peasant- There is music! If one can call it that. My internet was being slow so I guess it’s more Saturday fuzz at this point. Just a bit of fun where I discuss the woes of… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode II – Friday Fuzz”