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ia Ra (Poem and Song)

Poem Song – I’m the paleolithic hunter Imagination of the sun And I run And I run And I run through the air and the ether and the atmosphere The flame you become Tells I am near Lonesome is a fantasy Presence is reality… Continue Reading “ia Ra (Poem and Song)”

Athena’s Embrace in which Divisions Desolve (Poem, Experimental)

I have to guard the sacred fire To teach the world to dance I’m here to tell you that there’s a difference It’s not all the same I’m here to show you how to call things by their proper name There is a proper… Continue Reading “Athena’s Embrace in which Divisions Desolve (Poem, Experimental)”

Meta Mining

I was reviewing my latest Audity Podcast. I paused at the part where I talked about the USGS study from 2010. I paused because I realized that study happened almost eight years ago. Just a couple of years shy of a decade. I thought… Continue Reading “Meta Mining”