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FInal Binge Syndrome

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TFS 61 – Inversion – Working out the Kinks

Trudging ahead in my quest to keep my joints from ruin I expand my search to include physical therapy devices. This video gives a brief overview of what WebMD tells us about inversion tables. Sources https://www.webmd.com/back-pain/what-are-inversion-tables#1  Enjoy this post? Consider helping cover web hosting… Continue Reading “TFS 61 – Inversion – Working out the Kinks”

Pain au Chocolat, Dummy Neuroscientist, and Yuppie Toilets

I go through an article and prattle about variousness. Dummy Neuroscientist – https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/08/cortical-adrenal-orchestra/496679/ Toilets for Yups – https://washlet.totousa.com/index.php

and NOW they care about health or Should Walruses Vote

In my area, we’re still allowed outside so I went for a bike ride. Need it to help me fall asleep since I gotta get up at 4 am. Some fatty suburbanite hausfrau slapped her wrist at me and a tub of lard soccer… Continue Reading “and NOW they care about health or Should Walruses Vote”

Wednesday Health Vlog: Rogue Health and Fitness, Insulin Resistance, and Fitness Attitudes

In this video I talk about a website that I think provides excellent advice for staying healthy as you age, and staying healthy in general. The key ideas repeated throughout the articles found there are: the benefits of resistance training, insulin resistance, the many… Continue Reading “Wednesday Health Vlog: Rogue Health and Fitness, Insulin Resistance, and Fitness Attitudes”

TAP # 9 – Intermittent Fasting and Loop Control

I get loopy. Talking about syncing up your steering wheel with your gas pedal. These are sites that I consider to be fairly well sourced and reliable: That doesn’t mean I agree with or endorse everything they say. Simply that they are a good… Continue Reading “TAP # 9 – Intermittent Fasting and Loop Control”