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A NEw Day

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FInal Binge Syndrome

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TFS 50 – Principle vs Allegiance, Tales of Idiocy, and ‘Looming Meat Shortages’

I continue the discussion of civilizational decline. With an examination of the difference between principle and allegiance and what this means for the rule of law. Other Supporting Topics Include How anti-intellectualism and the abdication of the Enlightenment ethos have led to ack of… Continue Reading “TFS 50 – Principle vs Allegiance, Tales of Idiocy, and ‘Looming Meat Shortages’”

More Bad Times Ahead?

One event that has sustained emotional resonance is that evening on the outskirts of Moscow. I was a kid of six or so. It was 1995ish and my mother and I were ferried to some bestial monument to Brutalism in a creme colored Soviet… Continue Reading “More Bad Times Ahead?”

TFS 30 – Quality Nutrition in the Apocalypse

Panic is more dangerous than germs. I make the case for getting a few extra groceries. Worst case scenario you have a slightly fuller pantry. No this is not a recanting of my initial observation that this virus while concerning isn’t apocalyptic. This is… Continue Reading “TFS 30 – Quality Nutrition in the Apocalypse”

American Dominance Explained (Vlog)

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Prole Pizza – For Replenishment, Fatness, and Coronary Occlusion (Vlog)

I lug boxes for a living. Sometimes I run out of healthy stuff so I opt for hearty. Base – Red Baron Deluxe Supreme Garnish – Nacho Cheese and a metric ton of Ground Beef I work in the hub but sometimes do driver… Continue Reading “Prole Pizza – For Replenishment, Fatness, and Coronary Occlusion (Vlog)”

Hipster Home Ec # 3 – Mediterranean Eurotrash Meal Plan

Cooking tips for people on a budget primarily devoted to fancy pencils and recording gear.

TFJ Vlogs – Hipster Home Ec: Eat Good and Buy That Damned Preamp Already

Just a fun little motivational video with some basic filling cooking ideas that won’t break the bank. Aimed at helping those who need to invest a good part of a limited budget on business or artsy fartsy needs. Though pretty much anybody could benefit.… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Hipster Home Ec: Eat Good and Buy That Damned Preamp Already”

TFJ Vlogs – The Lazy Gourmand

Well… washing the potatoes was like three minutes, peeling five, and baking them twenty. But you can just chillax while they bake and then the fish, peppers, mushrooms, vinegar, goat cheese, and mayo thing takes like twenty tops. So altogether it’s a tad over… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – The Lazy Gourmand”