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The Cottage – Part Eleven – (Short Story)

There was a sound as if something were in flight. Intermittent static, strange gurgling, and rasping titters sent quick sharp almost painful shivers up his spine. Jim felt nauseous. Then like waking from a bad dream he heard the first bars of “Something.” “What… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Eleven – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Nine – (Short Story)

His eye fell on the neat red script. He should probably read the contents. Maybe they’d offer up some clue as to the identity of his furtive visitors. Then he remembered the meandering sentences, the puerile mysticism, the Talmudic dryness. He could not bring… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Nine – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Seven – (Short Story)

The basement was impossible to open from the outside. It was as stealthy an aperture as the access in the kitchen. Presenting itself as nothing but a flat slightly raised patch of wild grass. ‘I just don’t get this place.’ Jim shook his head… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Seven – (Short Story)”