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Disorganization and Tree Update

Keeping up with papers isn’t one of my skills but fortunately some of my trees are sprouting leaves. Music I Used Freedom Theme I and II – Rocco John – Internet Archive – Free Domain https://archive.org/details/enrcmp18_-_100_years_of_noise_-_public_domain_celebration_release/08_rocco_john_-_freedom_theme_i_and_ii.mp3 Leaving Ship – Ocean Piano – Internet Archive… Continue Reading “Disorganization and Tree Update”

Submitted by J.D. Newsman – Free Car! (Creepypasta Sorta) – Part III

  Alan improvises. https://www.minds.com/Weirmellow – Social Thing https://www.patreon.com/TheFractalJournal – Tipjar

Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!

  Did you ever notice that Samsung backwards is GNUsmas. For you normies out there GNU = GNU is not Unix. Recursive acronym joy! Topics Gnusmas! Projects and plans Russia/Trump Ideological Bubbles The Word Gay Silicon Valley Mythology Vanity Fair uses too much Axe… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 24 – GNUsmas!”

Weird Weir’s Guide to Stoner Rock

  I’m bored, and tired, and avoiding research…so I’m listening to Stoned Meadow of Doom…which…ok I’m gonna…I gotta…here we gooooo………….! Vaguely Ominous Geometric Patterns Words like silent, luminous, orb, pillars, equinox Slide guitar, pentatonic scales, microtones Wear a fez Solemnly mutter adjective heavy things… Continue Reading “Weird Weir’s Guide to Stoner Rock”

Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)

So, I have decided to pursue this steampunk webcomic idea. Which is explained in a voicememo/youtube video below. I know I already introduced it but here’s some more concept art! If you can call it art. Concept doodles…but I had a blast…look forward to… Continue Reading “Announcing – The Strange Life of Artemus Foe (Again..)”

Drink the Wine (Poem and Song)

So you’ve got some wine and you’ve got some time But you just won’t drink it in Cause you’re always waiting for some dream to begin Yea excuse you need an excuse for each and every use Cause tasting grapes for the sake of… Continue Reading “Drink the Wine (Poem and Song)”

The Dangers of Hipsterism

If you don’t watch the biggies like Game of Thrones – and anything with that much support is just too mainstream for your latte-stained beard to handle, you run the risk of accidentally plagiarising (sic). Ok, this is a really ‘tongue in cheek’ post but… Continue Reading “The Dangers of Hipsterism”

TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone

In this TFJ Vlog, you will find a discussion of the need to develop physical and metaphysical stamina. Public discourse and effective inquiry require strength and character. Both of these are inextricably tied and I give some quirky examples of how to attain them.… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs: Bavarian Mood – Metaphysical Backbone”

TFJ Vlogs – Creative Confidence

I talk a bit about how to gain momentum as a content creator. The key I think is to have a good idea of your format. So if you’re a talk-show, vlog, or reporter: ask and answer good questions. Knowing simple things like this… Continue Reading “TFJ Vlogs – Creative Confidence”

Omega Alpha (Poem)

Pictures and these memories will turn to dust, All these pictures and all these memories will turn to dust. …and yet the stars are made of such a thing and so I still trust… …and yet the stars are made of such a thing… Continue Reading “Omega Alpha (Poem)”