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Random Memory # 666

  im from russia originally and my babushka told me not to whistle in doors cause it summons satan. i whistled a lot when i went through my goth phase as a teen in the early aughts.

Leave the new Heart by the Door – The Wacky World of UPS

(Warning – Much Cussing and Kvetching Ahead with Bawdy Jokes Thrown In like Filthy Garnish) Today we are going to ask the deep questions. The philosophical questions. Questions regarding the truly esoteric and rarefied. Questions like: Do you want the same company that delivers… Continue Reading “Leave the new Heart by the Door – The Wacky World of UPS”

Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…

Driving 1) It’s a fast lane not a speeding lane. If you keep tailgaiting I’m goin to follow you home tie you to a kitchen chair and force you to watch The Price is Right till you die. Clockwork Orange style. 2) I was… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…”

Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…

Weightlifting 1) My one purpose in life is to destroy my enemies. Everyone is my enemy. 2) I will crush you. 3) I’m going to eat a moose. 4) I need to poop. I need to poop for days. I need to poop for… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…”

Sir Sizzlealot

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