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National Small Man Complex – Romania

  Wow, the surprising factoid about Putin’s capitulation to Islam had me hungry to learn more unexpected facts about my country of origin! Unfortunately, Romanian edge-lord ‘Freedom Alternative’ failed to deliver. I’ve come away from round two of his ‘Russia is Not Great’ miniseries…even… Continue Reading “National Small Man Complex – Romania”

TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living

  Note (I repeated a factoid from another YouTuber (CoffeeTalk) “bird flu has 98% or so survival rate) I was unable to confirm this via Google. All I got was survival rate of the virus strains in Korea not of people. I did find… Continue Reading “TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living”

TFS ~ Beer is Healthy! – The Economy Ain’t?! – Muh Russia… (Vlog)

TFS (The Fractal Standard) is a daily show that I decided to launch today. Summary Beer contains a wide variety of helpful things. Things like the bitter acid, humulone, which offers hope for fighting respiratory infections. Bitter acids are also generally known for anti-inflammatory… Continue Reading “TFS ~ Beer is Healthy! – The Economy Ain’t?! – Muh Russia… (Vlog)”