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Fractal Radio | Episode 27 – Art and Physical Fitness

My hand hurts…I segue into a discussion on the relationship between art and physicality. There is a sort of trope that artists are disaffected and dysfunctional – that substance abuse and abandon are the key to greatness. I present an alternative theory. Then I… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio | Episode 27 – Art and Physical Fitness”

Fractal Radio| Episode 7 – Caught in a Storm with Goethe and Bach (Music and Ideas)

  Lucky that I was close to a Gazebo when the downpour started. Gave me an opportunity for some nice atmospherics and I recorded a couple of musical bits for you. Which I used as a transition to talk about Goethe, Bach, enlightenment values,… Continue Reading “Fractal Radio| Episode 7 – Caught in a Storm with Goethe and Bach (Music and Ideas)”

Classics and the True Way

It was either Goethe’s Werther or Wilhelm, that provided me with a certain sense of balance. I’d never really read the books except as exercises in seeing how much I could glean with my sparse knowledge of German. It was a secondhand account, either… Continue Reading “Classics and the True Way”