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I Bought the East India Company

No matter how shitty – a mustache changes a man. Just three days in I’ve purchased the East India Company and can no longer fart. paypal.me/fractalforce


TFS 47 – Maystache Time Pirate Update

  Bohemian Bric-a-Brac


Searching for a word to describe the various farts that emanate from our proud diploma mills? Obrazovanshchina   I’ve seriously met English majors who didn’t know who Emerson was.

TFS 44 – Sexy Alien David Spade Seduces a Spicy Latin Farmer

  What happens when a lonely farmer, two strapping Swedes, and a strange milky substance find themselves on the same UFO?! Find out in this exciting episode of The Fractal Standard! I’m still 13.   A Strange Alien Abduction in Acapulco  

Called It

So, I’m currently holding the wee bit of left bollock that  hasn’t retreated up my abdomen with the rest of the kit. A feat courtesy of  hearing that my shift starts at 4:15 AM. As such I can’t bring you the regularly scheduled joy…

A Bit of Blue

Hah. Just as I post more mask musing…I see this thumb where some Jersey MILF teaches you to take ratty Tshirts and make petri dishes masks. If Fauci admits* that there was an overestimate and we see less dire consequences then predicted without masks……